Mirror 11a

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This episode has MATURE content so please don’t read if you are below 18.

“How low can you get? Fucking another man in a dress I got you.” Tony says and steps towards me. I’m regretting telling Fola to go. I don’t know when my hands ascend with the mace. I press down with all the might in my thumb and watch with satisfaction as he howls. I just hope I am not becoming a sadist. I press down again as I hear footsteps behind me. Tony runs away and I turn to find Fola smirking at me. I’m breathing heavily and my pulse is pounding. I can’t believe I did that. I turn towards where Tony ran off but don’t see him anymore. Fola taps his eyes but I don’t understand him till he comes closer and wipes off tears i didn’t even know were there. He cradles my face with his big, warm hands and dips his head, his gaze locked on my mouth for a long, breathless moment, his dark eyes meeting mine. I gently pull his hands from my face. He looks confused and I feel a twinge of guilt but I quickly squash it. Tony’s words were lies but they were still hurtful. I once loved him. I turn and walk into my compound willing him in my heart to go home but he doesn’t and I feel him walking silently behind me. I knock for a while but Melvina doesn’t answer. I look into our apartment to check if any light is on but I don’t see any. Only God knows where Melvina has been going to. I’m getting a bit worried but she is a big girl. I check for my key and unlock the door. I want to close it in his face but he wedges his foot between the door and its post. I weakly try to shut the door despite but he finds a way in. He holds my hips as he walks me backwards into the apartment. All the while, giving me a smoldering look I can’t seem to hold or turn away from. I’m not sure how we get to my bedroom or how he knows the door but we end up on my bed. My dress slips and exposes the top of my breasts. Warnings run through my head as I meet his heated gaze but I stamp it down. He has started breathing heavily and it is like music to my ears. He bites my lower lip as he squeezes my right breast just right. I want to say something but I just can’t find the words and at this moment, it feels like the world is on a standstill. The light is on even though I don’t remember switching it on so I can see him clearly. He is so hot. He is so different. I’m feeling hot tingles all over as he frees my bra and then his mouth perches on one nipple. I sigh as he suckles. I spool my arms around his neck for a minute then slowly trace down his back. He groans and I know he likes it so I continue for a while then move to his sides to torture him just as he is torturing me. He fumbles with the fly of my jean and I stiffen for the briefest of moment but Fola is so sensitive and he stops. I am so caught up in the moment that I actually hold my breath but he doesn’t continue. He looks up from his position and he seems closer and I just feel so right with him. I lean forwards to entangle my lips with his but he moves away and lays on the bed beside me breathing so heavily. He rubs his eyes furiously and I turn away from him. Maybe he thinks I am trash? What was I thinking? He knows I have baggage. Of course, he is not going to want me. He obviously thinks being with me is a mistake. I have spoilt the one friendship I cherish. How am I going to face him tomorrow?

I am sorry. I type and hit send.

No. I should be but I am not. I’m just sorry I can’t continue.

It’s alright. I understand. I type and sniff.

I feel him read it behind my back and moments later, he is turning me by my shoulder and kissing me. I don’t think this pain can go away though and even if it does, its scars remain. He pulls me close and wraps his arm around me. I can still feel his erection. If he is like this for me, why won’t he do something about it with me? Because he thinks you are a slut. Well, I don’t want to be a pity party to anything. If he wants to be with me, then he has to be crazy about me. I don’t want a lukewarm kind of love. I want him to be unable to stop when it comes to me. Even as this thought enters my head, I ask myself if that is what I really want.

I love you, Ella. I want to be with you but I’m not going to force anything until I can say it to you. You are an amazing soul with a strong spirit and I just thank my stars for having a second chance with you..

Second chance? What does he mean by that? He should just admit he can’t be with me. Well, I don’t need him anymore. 

It’s late. When are you leaving? Since there is nothing more.

He looks hurt as he searches my gaze and I don’t know what he finds because he pulls me closer as I try to turn away.


“Uzoduwa!!!” I hear in my sleep. Who is calling me? I turn in my sleep and continue sleeping but the voice is closer now. Mel! My eyes pop open in fright. I reach out to feel solid warm muscle beside me. Oh my God. My door opens and she walks in, looking a thin line from breaking down. I drag my comforter to my chin as her eyes take us in. It looks worse than it actually is. I feel like a best friend caught in bed with the husband. If Fola will just stay turned away, things will be alright. She starts to retreat when Fola turns and continues sleeping. Her eyes widen and soon I hear her feet bounding away. I feel terrible. I didn’t even have sex with the guy. I stand up and rush to my wardrobe snatching up a top and jean. I hurriedly run downstairs but I don’t see her. Thankfully, my car is still parked outside the gate untouched. I dive in and trail her up to the estate gate and further down but don’t see her. I just hope she will be alright. I try calling her but her phone is switched off. I know her too well and I know she is coming back. I really hope she lets me explain myself. Not that I have anything to say or any good reason. My phone rings and it’s one of the officers that I made friends with in the station they are keeping Ken. I almost shout ‘What?’ into the phone but I breathe in and breathe out and say hello instead.

“Hello, Aunty.” He says. “I just want to tell you that the guy’s wife has brought a lawyer and she intends to bail him out. Have you finally gotten a lawyer to represent you?”

“But he confessed.” I say weakly as I pull my hair.

“These things can be delicate.” He says and I feel a roil in my gut. Fola is standing in front of my gate looking worried and something overcomes me. I don’t need him! I don’t need anyone. I get down from the car and try to storm past him. He stops me with his hand on my arm. 

“I don’t need you.” I enunciate the word clearly. He clearly knows when he has to walk away because he does. When I get to my room, I walk to the toilet and retch into its bowl.

I walk to my painting and unveil it. Now, it all makes sense. 

I feel eyes on me and I turn to the window, my eyes finding Fola but he turns away, letting his curtain drop. Great. Just great. It’s not even 7am.

“Could today get any worse?!!!”